finding a flat mate

Why Padshare is better:

For Landlords & Lead Tenants:

We keep searching till we find your perfect flat buddy. All our tenants are polite, respectful, vetted and credit checked. Landlords and Lead Tenants always have the final say as to who goes in the spare room. Guaranteed best market rent. Padshare makes it near impossible for Scammers as we speak directly to everyone. Landlord rent payment collection service available. No more illegal subletting plus legal flatshare agreements. Padshare is the only city centre flatshare agency that can provide a true personal service.

For Room Seekers:

No more wasting time or money trawling the internet. All bills & Council Tax are included in the monthly rent. You only sign a contract for your room not the apartment. A personal professional service. Choose your room from our managed portfolio of luxury city centre apartments. Each tenant is only responsible for their own room rent and deposits are protected. We make your search easy and save you time and money. Padshare makes it near impossible for Scammers as we speak directly to everyone.

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Finding a room & flatmate

We know how difficult it can be to find a quality room in the city centre of Manchester. Padshare was the first and is the most dedicated professional flatshare agency to operate in Manchester. From the tenancy agreement to understanding exactly the type of flat mate you want to live with, Padshare is your first and only choice. Contact us today and we will help you locate your ideal apartment and flatmate.

It is our responsibility to find tenants and flatmates.

There are two stages required in order for us to complete a successful new flatshare.
It is extremely important for us to make sure that the ‘first’ person moving into the apartment is truly on the level, polite and respectful of other people’s wishes. However the second person, although chosen by us and wishing to move in, will only be allowed into the apartment by the consent of the first tenant. In other words, if the first tenant does not approve of our prospective second tenant then he or she cannot move in.

Providing we choose a good tenant for the first room it will in effect grant us with a perfect second tenant for the second bedroom.

We have been arranging successful flatshares since 2003 so we know a thing or two about the kind of people we like to live in our apartments. Being able to pay the rent is obviously very important to us, although simply being good natured and having a smile on your face also counts very highly. 

As mentioned above it is our responsibility to find tenants and flatmates. Nevertheless if you have a mate or work colleague that you know is looking for a place to live, then by all means please ask them to call or email us. We very much appreciate recommendations especially as we do not charge tenants a fee for helping with their search.