tenants renting their flats

Why Padshare is better:

For Landlords & Lead Tenants:

We keep searching till we find your perfect flat buddy. All our tenants are polite, respectful, vetted and credit checked. Landlords and Lead Tenants always have the final say as to who goes in the spare room. Guaranteed best market rent. Padshare makes it near impossible for Scammers as we speak directly to everyone. Landlord rent payment collection service available. No more illegal subletting plus legal flatshare agreements. Padshare is the only city centre flatshare agency that can provide a true personal service.

For Room Seekers:

No more wasting time or money trawling the internet. All bills & Council Tax are included in the monthly rent. You only sign a contract for your room not the apartment. A personal professional service. Choose your room from our managed portfolio of luxury city centre apartments. Each tenant is only responsible for their own room rent and deposits are protected. We make your search easy and save you time and money. Padshare makes it near impossible for Scammers as we speak directly to everyone.

For longer term apartment rentals and for apartment sales please visit www.getapad.co.uk


Our room seeker service is free of charge!

Room Seekers

It is free for Room Seekers to upload a personal Tenant Profile.

Using our vast experience we skilfully match Room Seekers with the most suitable Spare Rooms. If a Landlord then wishes to meet a Room Seeker we will be pleased to arrange the viewing.

If all goes well the Room Seeker will be able to move in to the apartment as soon as the room is available.

Live in Landlords and Lead Tenants

It is free to upload a Spare Room profile to Padshare.

Padshare is different to pure online services in that we offer a personal service to help find the perfect Flatmate. As soon as we receive a Room Profile we contact the Landlord to discuss the details and value the room. We prefer to meet Landlords at our office but all the particulars can be arranged by email and phone. Typically we achieve rents of between £450.00 and £695.00 per room per month including all bills.

To help find your perfect flatmate we offer three services. The basic rate starts at just £19.00 with our premium package costing £95.00. Our fees are low considering you will receive plus £3000.00 in rent over the next six months.

It is important to note that we do not ask for any upfront payment

First we email the Landlord with three Room Seeker Profiles. If the Landlord is happy to continue then a fee is paid. If the Landlord does not wish to proceed there is no obligation to pay.

On average 87% of the Landlords approve the first person they choose from our initial selection of three Room Seekers.

Furthermore if after meeting the Room Seekers you still wish to view more email profiles, we will be pleased to forward them at no extra charge.

When a Landlord has made a choice we will notify the Room Seeker to arrange the viewing.

Services Following Confirmation

When a Landlord confirms that a new Flatmate can move in, Padshare will carry out a full credit and employment check on the prospective tenant. Providing the tenant passes all the checks we will complete the tenancy agreement, collect the deposit (to pass on to the DPS), collect the first month's rent and perform the key/fob handover. If instructed on a full management basis we also offer a rent collection service. In addition as an appointed agent we will continue to offer help and advice to the Landlord and Tenant as required.

Our Aim

Padshare have been arranging professional Manchester City Centre Flashares since 2003.

Our aim is to find both Landlords and Room Seekers the best available Flatshare in the shortest possible time.

Scam Free

Unlike pure online flatshare sites Padshare is safe from scammers. We speak to everyone that registers with Padshare so it is near impossible for scammers to cheat our system. In addition we also carry out full Credit Checks and confirm the employment details for all the Room Seekers.